Account Application

Steps to complete application:

  1. Please complete the form below.
  2. Once complete you will be instructed to download a PDF.
  3. Once downloaded please print the PDF and hand it in at the branch you want to apply to.


  • Copy of ID Document or Drivers License of person signing the application
  • Copy of ID Document of all Directors/Members
  • Copy of VAT Certificate
  • Copy of Company / Close Corporation Registration Certificate
  • Resolution authorising the person signing to bind the company/close corporation if not signed by a Director/Member whose name appears on the Registration Certificate
  • Deposit (Cash or Card)
If you know the branch you are interested in using, please select them from the list. If you don't know please leave it on "none".
Customer Details
Referred to as the Customer
Individuals / Directors / Partners / Members / Trustees
Full names, Tell No, Address & ID No of all the Individuals, Directors, Partners, Members or Trustees
Banking Details
Name and Telephone numbers of three trade references.