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One of the perks of being a leader in your industry is that you can offer your customers some of the best rates available. At Coastal Hire we have always had the vision of being the preferred plant hire company in South Africa, and through more than 20 years’ dedication and commitment, we have evolved into becoming one of the leading suppliers of plant hire in the country.

There are many plant hire companies in South Africa looking to profit from the lucrative industry that plant hire has evolved into over the years. But how many of those companies are really in it for the long haul, and who is really interested in offer true value-for-money and tangible value to their customers? These questions make choosing your plant hire company a bit more difficult, when you get past all the marketing hoopla and truly investigate what you will receive for your money and loyalty.

Whenever you are in need of scaffolding to complete a project or do a job, never think of it as a DIY job. If you are in need of scaffolding, you will be best off contacting a scaffolding hire company in Gauteng. If you try and construct it on your own, you may run the serious risk of incurring issues down the line that could put yourself and your crew’s safety in danger.

South Africa’s tool hire market is healthier than ever before! Ranging from DIY enthusiasts to construction companies and plumbers, handymen and maintenance companies, there is a huge demand for affordable and quality tool hire services. Coastal Hire has been supplying the demand for this industry for more than twenty years and continues to offer market-leading solutions that directly address the needs of our customers.

When looking to partner with a reliable supplier of affordable and top quality tools for hire in Johannesburg, you really won’t have to search much farther than Coastal Hire. Since 1994, we have been trailblazing the tools for hire industry and we continue to revolutionise our industry every day. In fact, Coastal Hire brought an entirely new industry to South Africa.

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a foreman on the job, you need the tools to get the job done on time and on budget. Thanks to Coastal Hire’s affordable tool hire services and products, you can now access all the tools you need to quickly see to any job that needs doing. Our extensive selection of affordable tools is made available to our valued clients for any length of time – from one day rentals to longer contracts.


There are many businesses in South Africa who are entirely dependent on forklift rentals in order to operate their interests effectively. For a lot of businesses, accessing affordable forklift rentals will mean the difference between being able to meet their business’s demands and not being able to operate at all. It’s because of this that there will always be a need in South Africa for cost-effective and flexible forklift rental contracts.

2008 and 2009 saw South Africa in a crisis – sporadic electricity supply and load shedding posed a severe threat and headache to industrial and retail companies, as well as the mining sector and other important sectors of the South African economy. Even though it has become better in 2014, there are still far too many instances of blackouts being reported throughout South Africa that can range from a few days to weeks on end. No business can suffer through the uncertainty of wondering when their business will be subjected to unstable electricity supply.

For many Durban companies, investing in expensive plant equipment is not on the cards. Some may not be able to afford it, while others don’t have a need for having constant access to this expensive equipment and it would just deteriorate while not in use. For these and other reasons, many choose to partner with plant hire companies in Durban who supplies affordable and quality plant equipment that will help them to meet their obligations.

Finding reliable plant hire companies in Pretoria isn’t a small feat these days. There are so many things that need to come together to provide for a reliable and reputable company that is able to meet all the needs of its clients. For many decades Coastal Hire has been hard at work perfecting our approach to the plant hire industry and today service thousands of satisfied clients throughout South Africa.