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While there certainly is a case to be made for purchasing forklifts outright for your business, there is an equally strong argument to be made for forklift hire in South Africa. It would mostly depend on your company’s requirements. Either way, you can choose the option that will best benefit your business. For many companies, they rely on the convenience and flexibility that forklift hire has to offer.

Scaffolding hire is different to other equipment and tool hire in that it places a lot of emphasis on safety. This is why you should always only hire scaffolding from a professional, legitimate and recognised scaffolding company with a solid reputation in the industry. Many companies identify the great benefits of partnering with a scaffolding hire company rather than to invest in the scaffolding on their own and take responsibility and ownership of making sure that the equipment is kept in good working condition.

There are so many benefits and advantages to making use of affordable tool hire. You don’t need to be a large construction company with a large need for tool hire either. Even a DIY enthusiast can find value in making use of tools for hire from Coastal Hire. We are a specialist supplier of affordable tools and equipment for hire both for the DIY market and for the construction industry, plumbers, handymen, electricians and many other professions.

For many South African companies, purchasing heavy equipment and machinery outright is not an option. There are various reasons for this – from the company not having the capital for this to not having a constant need for this type of heavy machinery. Whatever the case might be, there are times when these businesses will need to access heavy earth moving equipment on a project-by-project basis and purchasing it isn’t possible. This is where plant hire services become of value.

Many consumers are still unaware of the great benefits that tool hire in South Africa can offer them. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast, a professional handyman or a construction foreman, if you make use of tools on a daily basis you can benefit from this service. Any handyman enthusiast who takes a stroll through the hardware store can quickly compile a wish list of some of the latest and most advanced tools that will help you turn your vision for that handcrafted vanity into a reality.

It’s unfortunate that South Africa has a rocky history when it comes to consistent power supply. However, instead of living in hope that a power failure or load shedding won’t affect your company in future, it’s the responsible thing to do to have measures in place that will safeguard you against the devastation and havoc that a cut in power can cause your business.


The construction industry has slowly emerged from the ashes of the worldwide recession at the end of the previous decade. With new projects booming and the construction industry rearing to go again, a greater need for breaking and drilling tool hire is also emerging.

Many companies, however, are still sceptical about how hire equipment can help them to grow their companies. You only need to give a little consideration to all the benefits that this can offer a construction company and you will already become aware of the many ways hiring equipment will help your company.

Since 1994, Costal Hire has been making available affordable tool hire to our valued clients. Known as Coastal Tool Hire at the time, we introduced a unique concept to the market at the time. Since then our business concept has inspired several imitation companies, but Coastal Hire still remains the original solution for all your tool and equipment hire requirements in South Africa. We are still the leading providing of affordable and reliable tool hire solutions to South African businesses and DIY enthusiasts.


That is a very good question – and the answer is even better. Since 1994 Coastal Hire has been open to the public. We look back on our early days and view them as the trailblazing time in our industry, because the Coastal Hire business model was a unique concept in the market at the time. We were committed to providing an equipment rental alternative on all types of construction equipment, power tools and garden and home tools that would appeal to the DIY enthusiast, and do so profitably while also keeping it affordable for our customers.