Benefits of Hiring

Benefits of Hiring as Oppossed to buying?

So, what are the benefits of hiring your tools with Coastal Hire as oppossed to buying them? Well...

  1. You don’t need to purchase the equipment for a project – Why buy when you can hire. So you can save your valuable capital and keep it in your investments where it can make you money!
  2. You wont have to maintain the equipment – leave that to us. No more constant cleaning and servicing of your equipment, no more extra costs that you forgot about.
  3. Equipment tends to grow legs and walk when left on site for too long. If you hire, when you are finished call us, and we'll take it away. One of the best reasone to hire tools for your jobs - Nothing goes missing! Yes, you say. Stop wasting money buying tile cutters every 3 months, buying a spirit level every week? No more!
  4. No fuss – no lost equipment. We've all been in the situation before: You thought you had the equipmet with you, so now you go back to the office to fetch it. Only thing is that you can't find it! Half an hour into the search you give up and go to the local hardware store. WHY, just hire it. Then you don't have to have a GPS tracking device on all of your equipment.

Added Benefits:

  1. You can open any type of account you like.
  2. Once an account is open you need only pay one account for hiring anywhere in the country.
  3. Call us and we can arrange for you to collect your equipment anywhere in the country and pay at one central point.

All the more reason to just pick, click and come and pick up your order for tool hire in Durban! No more messing around, no more hidden expenses on your jobs that eat away at your profit, no worries.