Coastal Hire East London Sponsors the 2015 Old Mutual Sunshine Coast Triathlon

A few Words from the orgarnisers

"We at EventPro, are once again grateful for the amazing support Coastal Hire have given us as the Title Sponsor of the Coastal Hire Team Challenge for the 2015 Old Mutual Sunshine Coast Triathlon. Their commitment to the Buffalo City sporting community was once again prevalent at the event. As a company, they are an extremely motivated and professional group and their passion for our events is unsurpassed, with their staff members and their families out on the route assisting with marshalling, logistics and transport. They are inspiring and an absolute pleasure to work with.


Howard Sheard of Coastal Hire, who has shown overwhelming and unquestionable support for the event and its participants, and is the driving force behind these passionate staff members and we are really blown away by the support he and his company have shown us.

Coastal Hire have been the Title Sponsors of the Team Challenge for some years now, and their dedication to growing the event has been felt and evident in the growth of the event as a whole. The Team Challenge gives athletes, schools, families and corporates the opportunity to enter teams in the Sprint and Olympic Triathlon distances. This creates and awesome vibe and bonding experience for team participants as they progress through the event to ultimately cross the finish line."


2015 Old Mutual Sunshine Coast Triathlon  2015 Old Mutual Sunshine Coast Triathlon 2015 Old Mutual Sunshine Coast Triathlon 2015 Old Mutual Sunshine Coast Triathlon 


1 March 2015 - 8:05pm