Coastal Hire Kimberley is the jewel in the crown

Coastal Hire Kimberley is the jewel in the crown

"Teamwork, commitment to all round excellence and a great attitude" is what Andre and Delene Thuynsma attribute their success to when they were named the top Coastal Hire store out of 70 countrywide for 2012.

The award is based on turnover, the quality of the store layout and the equipment it provides, client service and management systems.

Coastal Hire Kimberley excelled in every department.

"We also have to thank Coastal MD, John Harcourt-Cooke, for his ongoing support and the excellent systems he has introduced," adds Andre.

"John and his head office team have been with us every step of the way and there is no way we would have succeeded as we have without their support" says Andre.

"But most importantly" adds Delene, "we dedicate our award to our loyal customers and the incredibly hard work that our staff put in every single day."

Andre agrees: "We believe in a completely hands-on approach. We know everyone's name who comes through the door and most of them know all of us by name, too...we just love what w do."

"In fact" adds Delene with a laugh, "there have been a number of occasions when our customers have needed specialised equipment that we didn't have in stock. But we didn't tell them that and we went and found it!"

The two began their business in 2004 and now service the Northern Cape as far as De Aar, Taung and Douglas.

And as for the what the future holds?

"Our primary challenge" says Andre," is to ensure that we continue to constantly raise the standards of service we have set for ourselves. We love have that Platinum Award on display in the shop as the best of the best and we intend to keep it there for as long as we can." 

25 February 2013 - 8:01am