Mayday Floor Grinder Electric

Mayday Floor Grinder Electric
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Product Description:



This machine is used for grinding concrete floors (dry process). It is for removing laitance, paint, grease, etc. It can be used for grinding down construction joints to neaten the finish.


This product should not be operated unless proper training has been supplied to the person operating the equipment. Personal protection gear includes: goggles, steel-cap boots, gloves, ear plugs, dust mask, hard-hat.



Running machine:

Make sure when starting the machine the grinding blocks are raised off the grinding surface. Make sure the wedges are put in correctly before starting the machine (the blocks will be flung out of their correct positions immediatly when the machine starts up if this is not done).

Do's and Donts:

The correct diameter cable must be used when the motor is electric to avoid a voltage drop. Makes sure that in the case where the machine is driven by a petrol engine, that ventilation is adequate.

Shutting Down:

Turn On/Off switch off.

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