Rammer 4-Stroke Honda GX100

Rammer 4-Stroke Honda GX100
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Product Description:

4 Stroke Rammer with 4HP 4 Stroke Petrol Engine


It is used to compact about all types of materials (including cohesive clay types) in medium and deep layers, in trenches, foundations, backfills etc.

Ideal for compaction work in confined areas where high density compaction is required.

It has a compaction shoe size of 330mm x 280mm which delivers a force of 17kN per blow and delivers approximately 700 blows per minute.


This product should not be operated unless proper training has been supplied to the person operating the equipment.

Personal protection gear includes: goggles, steel-cap boots, gloves, ear plugs, dust mask, hard-hat.


  • Turn petrol on
  • Accelerator lever to full power
  • Open choke (butterfly closes to close off air flow)
  • Pull recoil 1/3 of way twice
  • Pull recoil full way until starts (usually 2 pulls)
  • Close choke (butterfly opens the air flow)

Running machine:

Ensure the thickness of uncompacted material is approximatey 300mm.

The material must be slightly moist (not wet and not dry) throughout the layer.

3 to 4 passes with the machine advancing at its normal pace will usually result in optimum compacting results.

Do not over compact or run the machine on a hard surface as this will cause vast damage to the machine.

Always run the machine at full speed.

Do not push or pull the machine - just guide it without leaning heavily on it.

Always use 93 Unleaded only

Do not attempt to service the air filter or any other part of the machine. Call a Coastal Hire technician.

Do's and Donts:

Be careful that the machine does not jump onto your feet. The force is hign enough to cause serious damage.

Do not allow the machine to run against any adjacent structure or rock etc.

Never operate the machine on hard or solid surfaces. Eg: concrete, asphalt etc.

Shutting Down:

Before shutting down ensure that the machine is running on a safe flat surface and is in your control.

Reduce the throttle fully which will cut the engine immediately. Turn off the petrol lever.


Use only Coastal Hire ready mix. This is a 50:1 ration of fuel andpremium 2 stroke oil.

Ensure petrol switch is off before refuelling.

Machine may not be running whilst refueling.

Do not smoke or use a cell phone whilst refueling.

Remove fuel cap and place in clean dry area within reach of the machine.

Puor the premix into the fuel tank.

Replace fule cap and burrow fuel cannaster.

Do not place any plastice bags around the fule cap as this will close the breather hole in the cap.

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