TM Concrete Mixer Springbok GX160 5HP

TM Concrete Mixer Springbok GX160 5HP
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Product Description:

Drum volume 400L Dry mix input 310L, Wet Mix output 260L


Mixers are used when a small quantity of concrete is reguired. These mixers are used by small medium or large contractors and companies or individuals who need to mix concrete.


This product should not be operated unless proper training has been supplied to the person operating the equipment.

Personal protection gear includes: goggles, steel-cap boots, gloves, ear plugs, dust mask, hard-hat.


  • Turn petrol on
  • Open choke (butterfly closes to close off air flow)
  • Pull recoil 1/3 of way twice
  • Pull recoil full way until starts (usually 2 pulls)
  • Close choke (butterfly opens the air flow)

Running machine:

Always check oil level and v-belt before operation. Do not grease the ring gear. Check the gears for wear regularly by testing the machine under load. Always wash the machine own when the work for the day is complet. Check the revs of the drum should not be more than 3000rpm or the concrete wont mix. Always advise operators of the mixers capacity.

Do's and Donts:

Dont operate the machine without a recoil starter cover. Keep hands and parts clear of all working parts. Dont place any objects other than sand, stone and cement in the drum. dont overload the mixer as it can cause damage to the engine.

Shutting Down:

Turn On/Off switch off. Close fuel line.


Ensure petrol switch is off before refuelling.

Machine may not be running whilst refueling.

Do not smoke or use a cell phone whilst refueling.

Remove fuel cap and place in clean dry area within reach of the machine.

Pour the fuel into the tank.

Replace fuel cap and move fuel container.

Do not place any plastice bags around the fuel cap as this will close the breather hole in the cap.

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