TM Welder Generator 180 AMP/4.2KVA 60% Duty Cycle

TM Welder Generator 180 AMP/4.2KVA 60% Duty Cycle
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Product Description:

180 AMP/7KVA 60% Duty Cycle


This machine can be used for general welding jobs. For producing burglar proofing, steel gates and fencing,steel furniture etc. It has a 220V outlet to allow it to be used as a generator to drive an angle grinder for grinding purposes.


This product should not be operated unless proper training has been supplied to the person operating the equipment. Personal protection gear includes: goggles, steel-cap boots, gloves, ear plugs, dust mask, hard-hat.


  • Turn petrol on
  • Ensure control lever is in neutral position before starting.
  • Open choke (butterfly closes to close off air flow)
  • Pull recoil 1/3 of way twice
  • Pull recoil full way until starts (usually 2 pulls)
  • Close choke (butterfly opens the air flow)
  • Increase the revs with the control lever before moving the machine forward or backwards

Running machine:

Check oil level and filter of of machine daily. Make sure that the welding plugs are properly fitted, not loosly fitted which can cause a short. The machine is used 6 minutes out of every 10 minutes and then should be left to cool for 4 minutes. Clean the weld end out by blowing compressed air through it at least once week. Must be set to deliver between 220V and 230V.

Do's and Donts:

Make sure that the cables are not open (connections are insulated and cables are not damaged- no bare wires showing). Never leave the engine running and electrodes connected- this leaves an open voltage circuit which can shock  persons touching the bare wires.

Shutting Down:

Turn On/Off switch off. Close  fuel line.


  • Ensure petrol switch is off before refueling.
  • Machine may not be running whilst refueling.
  • Do not smoke or use a cell phone whilst refueling.
  • Remove fuel cap and place in clean dry area within reach of the machine.
  • Pour the fuel into the tank.
  • Replace fuel cap and move fuel container.
  • Do not place any plastic bags around the fuel cap as this will close the breather hole in the cap.
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