Tool Hire

Small, medium and large businesses, as well as DIY enthusiasts, throughout South Africa have come to rely on Coastal Hire for affordable tool hire. We help thousands of South Africans to rent the tools that they need to take care of home improvement projects or to grow their businesses and keep their clients satisfied. We are the leading small equipment and tool hire company in South Africa with more than 70 stores trading nationwide and in southern Africa.


Many DIY enthusiasts are at a loss as to how to finish a project they have been working for a long time on, because they do not have access to the right tools for the job. For many people, simply going out and buying an expensive tool that they will not need in a few weeks’ time, is just not an option. So where do you rent a tool, then? Coastal Hire offers affordable tool rental in South Africa for both industry and directly to the public. Our selection of quality tools is serviced after each contract, which ensures that you will receive the best quality tools every time.

Buying equipment and tools upfront can be very expensive, especially if you need to use multiple items for a larger building or construction project. This is why plant and tool hire is a great option to consider, as it will not only save you in terms of expenses, but also provide you with an instant solution to your equipment needs. You can get all of the equipment you need to complete your building or construction project on time and affordably.

Since 1994, Costal Hire has been making available affordable tool hire to our valued clients. Known as Coastal Tool Hire at the time, we introduced a unique concept to the market at the time. Since then our business concept has inspired several imitation companies, but Coastal Hire still remains the original solution for all your tool and equipment hire requirements in South Africa. We are still the leading providing of affordable and reliable tool hire solutions to South African businesses and DIY enthusiasts.


Many consumers are still unaware of the great benefits that tool hire in South Africa can offer them. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast, a professional handyman or a construction foreman, if you make use of tools on a daily basis you can benefit from this service. Any handyman enthusiast who takes a stroll through the hardware store can quickly compile a wish list of some of the latest and most advanced tools that will help you turn your vision for that handcrafted vanity into a reality.

There are so many benefits and advantages to making use of affordable tool hire. You don’t need to be a large construction company with a large need for tool hire either. Even a DIY enthusiast can find value in making use of tools for hire from Coastal Hire. We are a specialist supplier of affordable tools and equipment for hire both for the DIY market and for the construction industry, plumbers, handymen, electricians and many other professions.

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a foreman on the job, you need the tools to get the job done on time and on budget. Thanks to Coastal Hire’s affordable tool hire services and products, you can now access all the tools you need to quickly see to any job that needs doing. Our extensive selection of affordable tools is made available to our valued clients for any length of time – from one day rentals to longer contracts.


When looking to partner with a reliable supplier of affordable and top quality tools for hire in Johannesburg, you really won’t have to search much farther than Coastal Hire. Since 1994, we have been trailblazing the tools for hire industry and we continue to revolutionise our industry every day. In fact, Coastal Hire brought an entirely new industry to South Africa.

South Africa’s tool hire market is healthier than ever before! Ranging from DIY enthusiasts to construction companies and plumbers, handymen and maintenance companies, there is a huge demand for affordable and quality tool hire services. Coastal Hire has been supplying the demand for this industry for more than twenty years and continues to offer market-leading solutions that directly address the needs of our customers.